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In today's environment, individuals are subject to many life events and stresses that can create feelings of being overwhelmed, fearful, depressed and anxious.  Everyone manages stress and change differently.  In some cases, people require professional help to manage these situations.  


One may need counseling for many reasons which may or may not limit to overwhelming and constant worry, fear or anxiety. Call us at 610-372-8822 or stop in to find out how we can help your loved one.


Read some facts about why one should seek counseling

Situations that may cause feelings of emotional stress

  • Illness

  • Job loss

  • Marriage problems

  • Substance abuse

  • Financial concerns

  • Death, loss or grief

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Stress can also cause several health issues to arise. It can bring out depression, anxiety, anger and sadness. Contact us to schedule your appointment now!

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Let us help you achieve better relationships with people in your life!

  •    Relationship Issues

  •    World Events

  •    Abusive Relationship

  •    Trauma