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Hoda Hanna, MD is now retired but helped people here for more than 26 years!

Meet the staff at Callowhill Family Therapy PC

Frieda Podolsky MA, LPC

Frieda Podolsky MA, LPC is family therapy clinical director at Callowhill Family Therapy PC. She’s a licensed professional counselor with over 28 years of experience.


Frieda works with her clients to develop client responsibility through reaching their own conclusions, listening to their voices so they can achieve their intended chosen goals.


Frieda approaches counseling in a non-judgmental manner, shows compassion while listening reflectively and validates self-efficiency.


She relies on the knowledge, life experiences and insight to empathize, coach and provide the tools needed to navigate through life.


For example, when clients can realize that thoughts are not facts they can begin to change to healthier ways of thinking.


Another example is acknowledging that there are situations in life that we cannot control; however, we can control our responses to them. This knowledge can help clients feel more hopeful and less helpless in the journey through life.

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Rita Corriel, Lic PSYCHOLOGIST

Rita has 20 years of experience in therapeutic practice and an excellent success record in treating individuals struggling with depression, post-traumatic stress and anxiety.


Her techniques go beyond anger management as she works with emotional release and transformation of anger. Through her 20 years of professional practice, she has honed abilities such as a deep capacity for empathy, intuition, insight and wisdom.


It has been noted that just after one session with Rita, some clients have stated that they feel “real” and “understood” for the first time in their lives.

Natalya Knaut, MSW, LCSW

Natalya’s a licensed mental health professional. She completed her master’s program in social work from Kutztown University.


Natalya has helped her clients, coming from diverse and multicultural backgrounds, in resolving their problems relevant to personal growth, human relationships and substance dependencies. To learn more, contact us.


Having completed intensive training in dialectical behavior therapy, Natalya’s approach is to take an active role in teaching her patients the skills that are needed for managing life’s inevitable stresses.


Natalya focuses on helping people to remain grounded and in control of their body and mind, cope with interpersonal conflict, tolerate stressful situations and regulate emotions. Her experience has enabled her to expand her client base to include children Age 10 or older through adolescence to adults. To book your appointment, give us a call at 610-372-8822.

Janice Fetrow-Stewart, MSW, ACSW, LSW, CrtEH

Janice is a psycho-therapist, licensed social worker and certified energy healer. Janice’s clients enjoy the option of eastern and western therapies or a combination of both.


These therapies include traditional talk therapy which identifies individual strengths, positive life goals and the ancient relaxed art of replacing negative energy with positive energy.


This helps in eliminating the repetition of negative habits and brings a renewed vitality to the spirit, mind and body.


In order to live the highest possible quality of life, these combined therapies help individuals explore their true intentions for inner peace, clarity of purpose and strengthened sense of self.

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  • Family therapy

  • Spiritual grief counseling

  • Traditional grief counseling

  • Individual and couples therapy



  • Sexuality

  • Alzheimer

  • Family communications

  • Community resource identification

Energy healing:

  • Soul wellness

  • Spiritual wellness

  • Life purpose counseling

  • Whole person therapy

Healthy parenting:

  • GERD

  • Cystic fibrosis

  • Bi-polar disorder

  • Autism spectrum and ADHD

  • Parenting the special needs child

  • Adoption and attachment disorder

  • Physical and mental health challenges


  • Social workers

  • Marriage and family therapists

  • LSW Pennsylvania board of counselors

  • MSW at Temple University

  • SW at Eastern University

  • ACSW at Academy of Certified Social Workers

  • CrtEH at Inner Source School of Healing Arts (3 year program)


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Janjua is a board certified psychiatrist specializing in medication management for ages 5 through 65. He has more than 20 years of clinical experience.


Dr. Janjua joined our staff 10 Years ago and has been since instrumental in providing the excellent level of care we’re noted for. We provide 24/7 answering service and top-notch medication management, counseling, psychiatric evaluation for children and more.

Dr. M. I. Janjua, MD.

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