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Does your loved one need reliable counseling services to help him or her get through difficult times? We’re your top choice. Callowhill Family Therapy PC provides 24/7 answering service.


Our professional and experienced staff will not only listen and care, but also provide the right medication and guidance to help your loved one make healthy choices. Drop in at 244 North Fifth St for details about our high-quality services.

Reliable counseling services

Individual Therapy:

Today’s world offers so many challenges and rewards, people have more choices than ever before.  We recognize that with so much going on in the world around us, and in our lives, stress and emotional pain can, and does, occur in our hearts.  The ability to function at work and at home becomes increasingly more difficult, and sometimes downright impossible.  We need someone to talk to who listens and cares and has the ability to guide us through the difficult times in our lives and to make healthy choices.  We are here for you whether the issue is divorce, separation, loss, single parenting, alternative life style, care giving of family members, or the change in health of a loved one.  We believe that in order to cope with the good and not so good that life has to offer, the most important person in the challenge is you.

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Children are our greatest resources: they are truly the windows to our future.  Children sometimes need special help in order to adapt to school and home situations.  They may need special help with such things as learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and other psychological and emotional issues. Our therapists use various techniques such as social skills development, parenting training and play therapy in a collaborative effort with the child, family, school and community resources to help your child reach their full potential.  


Child and Adolescent Therapy:

Family Therapy:

Families are our first teachers.  If we have problems relating to people inside and outside our family, therapy can help.  Today’s active lifestyles, work, transitions, losses, substance abuse, all have tremendous impact on the family.  We have licensed marriage and family therapists, and certified addiction counselors.  The therapy we provide not only helps the family members who are going through the crisis, but focuses on the whole family as well.  We believe that when one person suffers, so does the family unit.


Superior counseling services in Reading, PA

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Psychiatric Consultation and Treatment:

Our specialized staff psychiatrist can address the needs of children, adolescents and adults.  Our psychiatrist work with our therapists in both supervision and consultation.  Severe anxiety, panic disorders, phobias, depression, child and adult attention deficit disorders, as well as more serious emotional problems such as manic depression and schizophrenia, are evaluated and treated.  When medically indicated, appropriate medication is prescribed.  Collaboration with a patient's personal physician is encouraged.